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The Maschine Collection

The Maschine Collection

Maschine is a collection exploring velocity and perception, consisting of 1,000 unique generative artworks which depict radial arrangements that spin at varying speeds.

When objects move really fast, the human eye is not able to properly process the phenomena, instead merging the images into a blur. This creates an illusion called the stroboscopic effect, which distances our senses from reality.

It's rare to observe it in nature due to the fast speeds involved, but with the advent of the machine age, the stroboscopic effect could be seen in car wheels, propellers, turbines and all sorts of engine-driven machines.

With rotating objects, depending on the ratio of the object's radial speed to your eyes' maximum frame rate, it will appear to stay stationary or even move backwards.

A Harm van den Dorpel artwork

How it Works

Maschine reproduces this illusion with a 3D WebGL script, which allows the image to be rendered natively in web browsers without the use of plug-ins. It also allows for very low-level control of 3D rendering.

To be able to reproduce the stroboscopic effect, large media assets and libraries were coupled with the source code created by the artist.

This produced the mesmerizing aesthetics in the final artwork, but made it too large for direct on-chain storage.

As the pieces are generated, they are stored on IPFS and assigned to collectors in the collections' smart contract during the minting process.

Each piece is made unique through the randomization of a large number of aesthetic parameters, such as number of spokes, colors, rotation speed and lighting effects.

A Harm van den Dorpel artwork

A Harm van den Dorpel Artwork

Berlin-based artist Harm van den Dorpel began creating blockchain-based artworks in 2015. His art is dedicated to discovering emergent aesthetics by composing software and language.

His previous works using NFTs include very early experiments and celebrated collections such as Mutant Garden Seeder, of which Fingerprints DAO is the largest holder.

He's had institutional exhibitions at Museum Kurhaus Kleve, the New Museum in New York, The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, China, the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, and the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam.

Mercedes-Benz NXT

In Collaboration with Mercedes-Benz NXT

Mercedes-Benz’s history spans more than 130 years. During this time, collectors have engaged with and enjoyed all kinds of physical objects, from the vehicles themselves to model cars and memorabilia.

Having been born in the height of the machine age, the collection rhymes with the original Mercedes-Benz's vision for universal motorization.

Mercedes-Benz NXT aims to bring this collectibility to the digital realm.

And Fingerprints DAO

And Fingerprints DAO

Described as the home of blockchain art, Fingerprints is an organization dedicated to collecting and supporting the best art built on top of blockchain technology.

Consisting of over 250 collectors, its open community manages a shared treasury and notable collection of NFT art assembled by its curatorial committee.

Fingerprints and its community are glad to support the making and auctioning of this collection.

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